925 sterling silver jewels italy: who could ask for more

 Do you value jewellery as an important detail of your style? Then you won't resist the 925 sterling silver jewels italy designed by Edora Jewels, keep reading and learn more about them.
The typical materials for jewel making are coins, gemstones and other precious items, usually set into a precious metal or one of its alloys. In modern fine jewellery we can find:
  • platinum;
  • white gold;
  • gold;
  • titanium;
  • silver...
… and many more. In European and American gold jewellery, gold with purity ranging from 10 to 18K is commonly used, while higher purity levels (up to 24K) are considered too soft for jewellery purpose in those countries. Nonetheless, they are widely used and appreciated in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Learning about Edora Jewels is like entering a world of little wonders, a place where you can breath the taste for beauty and 925 sterling silver jewels italy at every corner. Either you are looking for something specific (a necklace? A bracelet? A pair of earrings?) or just feel like seeing something you like to purchase, take your time and discover this brand new realm.
In those three main categories you can find all our production, divided by corresponding items, available in many combinations of materials, finishes and styles. Remember to check the last added items, so you can always be up-to-date with our catalogue.
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