made in italy silver necklaces: italian style and top quality

Are you searching for some made in Italy silver necklaces to catch people's attention? Something original but also classic? Edora Jewels has got in store right what you are searching for.
Speaking about jewellery market, the largest one is represented by the United States (30,8%), followed by China, India, the Middle East and Japan, with 8-9%, and then Italy with about 5%. Recent studies predict a big change of these market shares, with United States dropping to a 25% by 2015, while India and China rising to about 13%. The Middle Eastern countries will keep their 9% but Japan and European countries will see their shares halved.
Pendants and necklaces are a classic of jewellery, ancient and modern. Focusing on the twentieth century, in its first decades the Art deco influenced jewellery by transmitting the rigor and dynamism typical of the modernity, resulting in the choice of simple, non-expensive materials and much colour.  

Famous artists gifted jewellery with some creations; we can mention:
  • Braques;
  • Dali;
  • Picasso;
  • Giò Pomodoro;
  • Arnaldo Pomodoro.
The jewel became popular, accessible to every woman: cheap or expensive, simple or sophisticated, no woman can escape its charm. Later, in the Nineties, the world culture brought new influences to jewellery, which absorbed decorative motifs, workings and materials from the different corners of the globe, giving life to a new kind of jewels.

Edora Jewels treasures all these influences and suggestions, putting them into its made in Italy silver necklaces to please the aim of every woman to celebrate her beauty, her own style and personality with unique jewels, made to charm. Let the made in Italy silver necklaces created by the artists of Edora Jewels enrich the person you are, add some spice to yourself and get noticed!
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